Learn How To Launch Your Digital Business In 48 Hours !

This is a point shoot style masterclass, where you 'll learn directly from a man that has helped create over 100 + Knowledge givers across Kerala, Tamilnadu, Delhi, Russia & Moscow. Sign Up Now .

What You Will Learn ?


Learn How to position your area and stand out from crowd.


Learn How to build your Personal Brand in Online and become a magnetic brand.


Learn how to design your course and pricing. Also you will get different models of Funnels.


Learn how to find your right customers in online organically and paid ads.


Learn the art of online selling model. Also you will get high ticket selling model.


Learn the secrets of JAYANZ 3.0 Version helped over 100 + Students across India.

Kerala's Pioneer In Digital Coaching 

Join Kerala's leading Digital coach Jayan Prabhakar, for a life changing opportunity. Since 2021 ,Jayanz has been developing a digital Community named "JAYANZ" includes 100 + consultants, experts and coaches . His unique style of approach is trending on Kerala. He is a spiritually grounded and a simple person on a mission to create one lakh knowledge givers to launch their business in online . Sign Up now and join this Digital Revolution.

10000 + Attendees

Join the thousands of coaches, experts, teachers, and consultants who have been transformed by Jayan Prabhakar's webinar since 2020.

High Income Earners

Jayanz created micro niche experts in Coaching , Consulting in Kerala, Chennai Mumbai ,Delhi , Australia and Russia.

100 + Members

Hundreds of knowledge givers transformed through Jayanz Digital Business Webinar.

10 lakhpatis & 1 Crorepati

See the proof for yourself and join the ranks of the 11 experts who have achieved success with Jayan Prabhakar's coaching & Consulting. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your business and get real results.

What People Says ?

Worthy person to be associated with..

My association with Jayan has been providing excellent insights about Digital coaching. He absolutely guided me how to start digital coaching in a simplified manner. Moreover he is available round the clock. I recommend his service for those who want to be a digital coach....

Jayan K K

Healthy Lifestyle Consultant

I was able to find the talent in me that had no goal and gave clear instructions for it at the right time and through this I was able to prepare a course and join a new company through Mr. Jayan sir's digital innovation hub. Jayan sir made me realize the turning point in my life. I wish you all the best through this course as well. I recommend this digital innovation hub to help you reach new heights.


NN Salon Mentor

I really did not know the value of the counseling I was doing.. It is a great fortune and blessing that I was able to reach more people and help them.. It also showed me the doors of opportunity. When I was doubting, Jayan Prabhakar (jp) came along and took me by the hand and took me deep into it and showed me the big world.

Fayis Lucky

Life Designer

Frequently Asked Questions 

Please get clarity on these questions answered before you attend the webinar!

How long will this session be and what all will be covered?

Join us for a 90-minute interactive webinar with Jayanz , who is known for his ability to simplify complex concepts. In this session, you will learn everything you need to know about planning, launching, and growing a successful coaching business in the next 90 days. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your business and set yourself up for success.

Is this webinar only for coaches and consultants?

No! Don't let the fact that this webinar is popular with coaches fool you - more than 60% of Jayanz 's students come from outside the training and coaching industry. If you have a desire to serve others with your knowledge and are open to learning, this webinar is for you. Sign up now and let Jayanz help you hone your skills and reach your full potential.

How should I prepare myself before the webinar?

If you're ready to take your coaching career to the next level, don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best. Mark your calendar, find a quiet spot, and come prepared with a notepad and pen. We promise that if you give this webinar your full attention, you'll leave with the tools and strategies you need to succeed.

Can a non-technical person also become a coach?

Of course! No matter your age or experience level, you can benefit from this system as long as you are eager to learn and put the knowledge into practice. We have seen students and senior citizens alike thrive with this system, so don't hesitate to join us and see the positive impact it can have on your life.

How much money can I earn as a coach?

The amount of success and income that individuals can achieve with this system varies based on their level of knowledge, experience, and commitment to implementation. While some people may not see any results despite having all the necessary information, others have made lakhs and crores of rupees within just a few months. It all comes down to how well you apply the knowledge and take action on it.

Will you be offering any paid programs in the webinar?

Absolutely! During the webinar, Jayan Prabhakar will discuss the benefits of joining the Jayanz DIH community and provide a special offer for those who wish to continue on their learning journey. If this concept resonates with you and you're ready to take your coaching business to the next level, don't miss this opportunity to join the community and take advantage of the exclusive offer.

Jayanz Learning Academy 2023

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